About Us

Dolfin-logoThis new Public Charitable Trust, in all the chaos, distress and trepidation in extreme, shoots up on to the horizon of India out of the blues with the most dedicated goal and the scrupulous objectives of extending perpetual support and care to many of the needy students, the neglected handicapped and the elderly people of the impoverished society just like a Good Samaritan irrespective of any Caste, creed, religion, sex, beliefs, practices and sexual orientation and alike.

It is quite known to the world at large that, people do not live in a very organised society in India like the much fortunate developed nations of the world. In fact, here in India, matters are in utter chaos, where corruption is truly rife, the policies to care the underprivileged are minimal and grossly ineffective, while so many of the social customs are extremely contradictory in term of human values with far reaching effects which is enormously detrimental to any present civilized society of the world.

Amongst such a deplorable and abhorrent situation, a new Public Charity after all, endeavors to born with a cherished dream and a scared thought of strenuously trying to fight out against such difficult odds as far as possible, comes out in a resolved form to initiate something different, with truly an effective and long lasting measures to be taken to help all the down-trodden and the stupendously deprived who lives below the poverty line with little or almost no amenities at all to live a healthy, satisfactory and a progressive life by any means, a dream which after all, only remains to be fulfilled.

The Founder of this Public Charity has been a Professor of English Language for the past many years. During his teaching in different institutions and educative centres he has first come up to a definite conclusion that unless, the aspiring students of the society are not having the adequate knowledge and the practice of the English Language; it is not going to be easy for the job-seekers to realise and fulfill the long awaited and the cherished dreams of their lives.