Why Donate

To start with, in the very preliminary stage, this Trust would like to support and fund at least twenty five students in different levels of education in the very first year of its inception. Later this number would be enhanced accordingly when and if more donations and support comes in from different parts of the globe. The work is quite vivid, challenging and widespread which all requires huge funds to execute in truly extending a powerful helping hand to the people in dire and desperate need. Hence, is the need for charity and donations from those loving hearts who cares about the people in distress and the helpless in general.

It has never been less important to play this pious role in helping the helpless, rather it is the call of the time to have a gracious and magnanimous approach to everyone’s life notwithstanding it may not bring any direct result to him or her but,  it is for sure that, any sacrifice made for such a noble and a truly genuine cause would one day positively bring endless pride, pleasure and happiness to the donor itself  inasmuchas to the people of our needy society.

Its true that, the Government of any country does a lot of work on all fronts possible, but yet, there remains an alarming gap in between of what is required and what is available for such an ardent and a stupendous task to fulfill. So, more and more donors should donate more and more to make the noble cause of helping the helpless to go even further down the line, spearheading in achieving something extraordinary in return of the most tenacious, strenuous and the selfless work to be done for the society.

Nonetheless, love, care and respect does make a huge difference. Even at the time of any confession one can keep the head straight of being so kind in caring about the people God has made. Even He would surely pardon the one, of anything done inadvertently. It would truly give everyone a great opportunity to reconcile with everything hidden in the heart, by all means.

But, the options of being only a one time donor or donating in between intervals or donating consistently every month with a specific determination of helping some needy students or else on a regular basis to allow him or her to at least attain a minimum level of a respectable life by the regular contribution, all lies entirely on to the choice, love and the conviction of the donor itself.

Here, the following options open to everyone who desires to help are : –
All Donors will be issued with an official certificate of Donation from this Public Trust as a gratitude which can be seen in our website.