List of Donors

1). Shubhashish Sen Gupta

He is the Hon’ble Founder-Trustee of this Public Charity and has vehemently promised to give most of his funds, time, merit and knowledge, the high-profile educative know-how what he has achieved in the western nations and to give his most necessary assistance, guidance and of course his most un-matched and selfless direction till his last days for the overall benefit and betterment of the Trust, the uncared down-trodden and the poor.

To start with, he has essentially provided an ad hoc fund of Rupees One lakh with also providing a rent-free accommodation in his own residence till the Trust gets on with its own capability of having its own place somewhere either on rent or by ownership, depending upon the circumstances.

Over and above the Founder-Trustee is in the further process of providing more funds to this Charitable Trust. He has already provided funds for all the initial expenses right from paying the fees of the lawyers in the process of establishing this long-dreamt Public Charity, getting documents Registered in its name, the other essential follow-up expenses, a four-wheeler, mobile phone, the cost of initiating this brand new Website, a new Desk-Top Computer with Printer, Scanner and Photocopier with promising to provide further funds when and if possible so that, this Public Charity takes off to set off to realise its far reaching dreams and likewise.

2). Mrs. Madhumita Sen Gupta

She is the Hon’ble Co-Trustee of this Public Charity. A day after this Public Charity came into being, she on her own has permanently donated her four-wheeler for the very cause of the Trust so that, it can run its projects and the run around works in a more organised way and likewise.

Her letter dated 09.01.15 regarding donating the WagonR LXi car to The Dolphin Charities

3). Deo Prakash Rai

He is also one of the Hon’ble Co-Trustees and has assured to fund the Trust in different ways so that, together we all can at least start with the initiation of some projects first mainly on the educational front and as the Trust goes further along, will inculcate further desired and aspired projects of various necessitates.