Courses Offered

Each English course here has been quite meticulously and professionally designed to make sure that, every student gets the right feedback and the required knowledge to what one is expecting out of the different courses provided by this TRUST absolutely free of cost for the true benefit of the enormously left behind under-privileged students those who are unable to pay any fees whatsoever after living in a very distressful life with no means of livelihood, as such.

Over and above, the students enrolled here would also be given free English Learning books, writing materials, free transcripts of any work of recognition besides free photocopies of some important and relevant topics & chapters on which they can build up their esteemed knowledge for their lifetime – benefit after securing good jobs in course of time in future.



The Courses have been quite broadly designed as the followings :-


  1. A Six-Month Intensive Comprehensive English Course for such students those who have a fair knowledge of the Language but, still ardently desires to enhance their overall skill further.
  2. A Three-Month Course in learning the right pronunciations of the English subject as a whole.
  3. A Two-Year Fully Intigrated English Comprehensive Course for the beginners to the Advance Learners to enable them to get the right footings of the Language and to further enhance the true skills to perform in every area of the English including Spellings, Meanings, Pronunciations, Forms and the Usages of the words that one may very likely come across later i. e. ( S + M + P + F + U ) quite alike the Oxford Style.
  4. A Made-to-Measure Course for each student who desires to learn the English Subject as per his or her own requirement open to time fixation and intensity of the overall learning process.