The Founder’s Message

FounderWe all love to be loved, so does the helpless and the destitute. If every one of us gives a very little of our throwaway money for the noble cause of helping such people from time to time who are endlessly suffering from different miseries, we would surely bring some sweet smile on to the faces of many who have long been deprived of even a four square meal and few clothes to cover their body let alone any medical treatment.

But, do they only need this ? Education is something we cannot ignore to the least. If the down trodden is educated it would tremendously improve the chances of a better society in respect, where our own children can also have a fair share of a dignity full and a much carefree life.

What ever one gives, comes back as a much bigger reward which would be more than any amount of wealth put together. One would never long for a neighbor, or a friend, or a citizen or anyone living in an impoverished state aggravating the discontent in the society which in turn creates the real misery for the rest. Just to open a lock you need a key and here, the key is to help the helpless in all circumstances who is better off in so many ways as god the almighty has showered them with such privileges.

Come and let us join hands for the noble cause of our own fellowmen who is no other than the part and parcels of our own human race to help them, to love them and to share a very little of what we enjoy in every single day of our lives. Let us all donate graciously for such a noble cause to feel good before bidding final goodbye to this perpetual community of God the Almighty.

It is essentially the high time for all of us to truly come out forward most gracefully and benevolently enough to contribute a very small throwaway money to those people who are also the very loved ones to many but with no comfort or compassion to share at all.

The founder here enormously banks on such very people who vividly have a great love in their hearts to step forward in taking the share of the burden to alleviate the torment, the unbearable distress and the real pain of the poor to bring some cute smile on their faces after taking all pride in such a divine participation, the beauty and charm which would go up to everyone’s grave and the pyre. After all, we all want to leave behind a good name always to be recalled for leaving the generation proud.